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The Free Drinkz App is the future of the physical Internet age. The Free Drinkz App is a wonderful new innovation.

This powerful phone app allows individuals to send drinks, food, and messages to their friends and other members present at

Clubs, Bars, Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants.


The individual sending the drink does not have to be present. The sender can log into the app, once logged into the app,

the sender will have the ability to search Clubs, Bars, Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants all over the world. After finding a Bar or Restaurant,

the sender can click on the member present in that Bar or Restaurant. Next to the member's name, there is an option to send that member a message or food and drinks. The Free Drinkz App is the future of the physical Internet age.


The Free Drinkz App

allows users to send drinks

and food to family and friends without being present. Ask

your favorite bar or restaurant

about the Free Drinkz App.



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